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What do you collect? I love roosters, clocks, and costume jewelry ( not to wear, just to ooh and ah over).  Oohhh ahhhhh My father-in-law collects old toys, but not just any old toy. It has to be tractors, like the these.  What about train memorabilia? Or anything train related? Or match books? Vintage bottles We even have US Postal collectables It seems everytime I walk in the store there's something new. 

It's a Sign

Reclaimed, repurposed, salvaged barn wood, vintage.  It's all the rage right now. Adding a sign or something with a saying on it, especially a vintage one, to a room can be the finishing touch.  Some are welcoming or inspirational. Some you have to have because back in the day, women needed reminders to buy lard and borax. Really?? Yes.  Or because someone loved their baking soda enough to stitch the logo. This is perfect for a laundry room, and hilarious because your family expects this.  Adding a vintage sign is really like owning a piece of art. Think about how many actually survived, and what a reproduction would cost.  And some are made to look old that are funny or just cute. 

Retro Decor

Let's talk about retro decor. Do you like it? Yes. Are you a super fan and want to decorate your entire house with it? Maybe not so much.  A lot of us see a room done in this style and think --wow! Where do you even begin to achieve that look?  Surprisingly, it's easy to find once you have a solid idea on color, certain styles, and on what level you're willing to retro.  Shopping at an antique store is your best bet. Especially if you are on a budget. Go to a chain store and hunt down some reproduction pieces-- you'll pay 4x's the price.  This is cute, not over the top, and I pretty much want this exact room now.  Let's start small... A shelf for knick knacks, and find tresures to fill it. A light fixture for over the table.  Seating, a lamp? A funky conversation piece?  Hey, old books for the shelf!  *I'm channeling Joanna, go with it*  Now we need some dishes Some

For the Love of Roosters

Where did our love affair with roosters start? Was it because grandma had a few or 10 in her kitchen? For many of us, yes. You see a ceramic, wooden, or picture of a rooster and it brings back memories, or just a good feeling. Roosters = home. It's hard for me to walk in our store and NOT walk out with one. Hubby decided the rooster collection had reached max capacity.  *my face* But for the rest of you, here's a whole lot of roosters we have for sale at Roadhouse Antiques that will getcha all warm and fuzzy inside.